29th Annual Conference - Bilbao 2021 

22nd - 24th April 2021

Gendercide - Gender Divide

Hotel Melia, Bilbao

Many of you will already be aware that we have had to take advice regarding our conference in Bilbao and sadly, like so many conferences, we have to cancel - or, as I would rather put it - postpone. Many of you will have been looking forward to Bilbao and will have put in a lot of work preparing for this and in particular, some of our colleagues in Spain and our organising committee. We will make sure that none of this work will have been in vain as we will ensure that this programme will be transposed to 2021.

The dates for the conference are Thursday 22nd April 2021 - Saturday 24th April 2021

29th IAFP Annual Conference  22nd - 24th April 2021



The inspiration for this conference title and theme came from a forensic patient who had

been violent towards his mother and who in his final session with his female therapist used

the parapraxis ‘gendercide’ when he meant genocide. The therapist interpreted this to

mean that, if the patient annihilated gender, and all women in his mind, then perhaps he

would no longer feel split between loving and hating his mother, his unavailable, distant

father, or the division within himself and his confused feelings around sexuality and an

abandoning therapist as the therapy ended.

The word gender has been reinterpreted and reinvented many times in the last few decades

and there has been an increasing interest in gender based violence and gender

directed violence across the world. There have recently been landmark changes in the law

in various parts of Europe, including Spain and in this conference we would like to explore

this and other themes related to violence which can be understood as being directed towards


VENUE • HOTEL MELIA Lehendakari Leizaola, 29, 48001 Bilbao, Spain

More information here.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS • Gwen Adshead (UK)  Anne Aiyegbusi (UK)  Antonia Carrasco (Spain)  Ronald Doctor (UK) • Ignacio Gomez (Spain)  Elida Grande (Spain)  Leslie Lothstein (US)  Anna Motz (UK)  David Phillips (US)  Estela Welldon (UK)

ORGANISING COMMITTEE • Jessica Collier • Ronald Doctor • Elida Grande • Barbara Jacobs • Carine Minne • Katya Orrell • Estela Welldon • Emma Went


The conference committee would like to thank John Adlam for encouraging us to make our conferences more friendly to the environment. This year we have decided not to provide conference badges (feel free to bring your own if you have an old one). We will also not be providing a printed brochure but instead will have a master timetable at the venue for you to refer to. An electronic brochure will be available to download as usual. 

You may wish to consider offsetting the carbon emissions of your flight and hotel by offsetting your carbon footprint. See the following helpful online article for more information:

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