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The International Journal of Forensic Psychotherapy

The IAFP launched the International Journal of Forensic Psychotherapy (IJFP), published by Phoenix Publishing House, at the IPA Congress in July 2019. 


Subscription to the journal is automatically provided as part of IAFP membership. All members can access the journal online, or be sent hard copies. 

Aims & Scope 


1. A newly established journal bringing together the interests of all professionals bringing psychoanalytically underpinned understanding of their work with people suffering from difficulties involving violence and paraphilias. 

2. An international journal with wide-ranging, peer-reviewed contributions in the field of forensic psychotherapy from around the world. 

3. An innovative journal, critically reviewing and discussing developments in clinical practice, theory, and research. 

4. An informative journal that aims to contribute to policy making, influence practice, and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration across continents. 

5. A lively journal that encourages articles from the arts and current affairs, reflecting aspects of the world of forensic psychotherapy.

Submitting articles

We are welcoming, encouraging and seeking submissions from our international colleagues, members or non-members, from diverse forensic perspectives within mental health and criminal justice. Submissions can range from papers, reviews of book, plays or conferences, comments or op eds. Please take a look at our instructions for contributors, as submissions will be returned if they do not follow the guidelines.



Obtaining access to the IJFP


For IAFP members

Online Access: to access the content of this journal please go to and register (or log in if you are already registered with Ingenta Connect). Once registered please go to My Profile / Subscriptions & orders / View current subscriptions / Add / INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FORENSIC PSYCHOTHERAPY, Phoenix Publishing House, ISSN 2632-0118. Access will be activated within 48 hours

Hardcopies: to receive a hard copy of the journal, please provide your postal address to and


For non-members


If you are not an IAFP member, you can subscribe to the journal here

Become an IAFP member, which offers an annual subscription to the IJFP journal. 

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