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Russian Forensic Psychotherapy Course

The IAFP is very proud to have developed the first ever forensic psychotherapy course in Russia, which started in Moscow in March 2019.


Prospective students have described this as "unique and pioneering in the country with 600,000 people in prisons and 60% relapse rate".

The course Director is Dr Estela Welldon, the course Coordinator is Dr Konstantin Nemirovsky.

All lecturers are members of the IAFP.


*There will be teaching and online supervision opportunities next academic year - this applies to current or past IAFP board members - please write to us stating your interest and we will send you further information.

For more information, please visit: http://rafp.org.ru/

The 2019-2020 course schedule and list of speakers can be found here.

A list of upcoming lectures can be found here: http://rafp.org.ru/lectures-future/

Past seminar photos are published here: http://rafp.org.ru/lectures-past/

The 2019 student cohort: